Seaport and RiverRocks shows on 7 & 9 July 2010

It’s been a busy week and it’s not over yet.  Tomorrow, Jelly NYC will kick off the first of their 2010 Pool Parties at the  Williamsburg Waterfront.  But until then, here are some photos from this week’s show at the Seaport Music Festival and the Hudson River Park’s RiverRocks  Concerts.

Bear in Heaven, Zola Jesus, and YellowFever at the Seaport Music Festival, Friday, 9 July 2010, South Street Seaport:

I had no idea how wonderful Bear in Heaven would be.  I can easily compare this show to 2007’s Animal Collective show, also at the Seaport, which felt like last year, boy does time fly!  Anyways, these guys are definitely a festival worthy band.  With only 3 members taking to the stage, their sound created a magical moment of lush guitar melodies and haunting vocals.  Perfect to dance to, their songs tempt one to sway and nod.  Damn my gear!

Suspenders are smart.  I wore suspenders in grade school, because I loved Marty McFly.  Then one day I discovered 21 Jump Street and Johnny Depp.

Shots of breath and ecstasy are always fun to capture.  It’s quite sexy.

Lit contours are nice too, I just wish I had more of a profile shot here.

I love Toms’s shoes, but with their thin soles, they would wreak havoc on my knees and flat feet.  I like the way the light hits his leg hairs too.


Zola Jesus

I think it took some time for singer Nika Roza Danilova to find her comfort level on the vocals.  Walking in front of the monitors, back and forth, seemed to help, as she finally found the perfect pitch for her strong vocals to match the music, even though it took some time.

I did however like her dress, I just wish it wasn’t black.



YellowFever played one song last night as they were originally set to play last week’s show.  Unable to make last week’s gig due to a mishap at the Dallas airport, drummer Adam Jones delivered a double chocolate eight-layered cake concealing a metal file to Jennifer’s cell.  She was then able to saw her way out of prison, escape the guard dogs and sleeping security guards, and hitchhike her way to NYC for last night’s show.  Nah, just kidding, but she was a good sport in her orange prison jumpsuit and the band was good too, even if it was for only one song.

Orange is the new black.

Phosphorescent and Dawes at the Seaport Music Festival, Friday, 9 July 2010, South Street Seaport:

Keyboardist Scott Stapleton had the best moves of the night.  Hair, hair, hair!  Oh right, Phosphorescent’s experimental and hazy music seemed to deliver on a rather restless Thursday.  Friday could not come soon enough!

Hey, I know you.

I like the light on his hair here.

According to singer Matthew Houck, his guitar did not like playing the festies.  So whaddya gonna do ’bout it?

Dump the guitar, the mic is my only friend.  HAH!



Flying in solely for this event, Los Angeles band Dawes put on a soulful show, complete with agonizing facial expressions.  Emotions poured the whole night on singer Taylor Goldsmith’s  face.  They were a definite favorite Thursday night.

Who loves ya?!


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