Jelly’s Pool Parties: Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, Fang Island, Why?


Jelly NYC’s Pool Parties are back in Brooklyn, which started this past Sunday.  If you like the outdoor festies and live in NYC and surrounding areas, you can stop by the Williamsburg Waterfront and enjoy a day of music, sometimes sunshine, food, and fashion.  I will need to start up on that street fashion again.  There were alot of amazing fashion and styles, mixed with some simple Average Joe’s.  It didn’t matter what you wore, just as long as you enjoyed the day.  Be prepared, it drizzled off and on, but eventually let up.  I don’t like to get wet, because I WILL shrink, so I was prepared.  Where’s that GLAD bag?

A few new changes to the Pool Parties though;  The stage is on the other side, now facing the skyline.  Photographer’s are only allowed six at a time.  I’m actually liking the new policy,  there seemed to be plenty of room in the pit this time.  But of course there’s also the wait, if you are in the 3rd or 4th group.

Dodgeball is back and still just as scary.

One can now enjoy the views of Manhattan without having to walk around the stage.  Sunday was filled with these fluffy clouds Magritte would die for.  Oh wait…

Deerhoof’s John Dieterich on guitars.

Shared the stage with Xiu Xiu, performing Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures.  The stage is back to the old pool height though.  Sucks to be short!

Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu performed the vocals.

The ghost of Ian Curtis comes alive, complete with eye rolls and epileptic convulsions…

Though not really sure if Ian would be wearing the pink and white socks.  But I like them..lots!

Why? That’s right they’re called Why?

Yoni Wolf was pretty fun to shoot.

The music was pretty good too.

Come on!  How can you NOT love the name Fang Island?

Prodigies or just look good for their age?


The clouds are closing up over the VIP area.  Does anybody know if those condos have filled up?

Shut your hole!

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