Canon G10 Images-Various NYC

Some shots I took this week from my handy Canon G10.  Like I mentioned before, it works well at lower ISOs and if you get the chance to use the flash for some fill, by all means, use it.  I’m also testing out a trial of Adobe Photoshop CS5.  Unfortunately the free trial runs out in a month, so I’ll be shooting as much as possible to get my money’s worth, even though the trial is free.

The following 4 shots are from Union Square yesterday.

I’m not sure what the artist used to create this drawing.  At first I thought it was chalk, maybe it’s colored sand or salt.  Look how elaborate it is?  I don’t think I have the patience to do this.


A co-worker waiting for another co-worker at the back exit.  I forgot I had the camera set to WIDE, but I think it works well here.  I have a few complaints though.  Shot at 1600, the image is horrid when viewed at 100%.  I also wish RAW was an option when shooting in WIDE mode.  I was only able to shoot this as a JPG.  I’m not sure what the G11 is like, maybe they fixed it or will fix it with future G series.

Fun, fun, fun with a Canon G10!


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