Seaport Music Festival’s final 2010 Summer Show-The Wedding Present and Savoir Adore- 13 August 2010



Have I mentioned how much I hate the end of summer and how much I dislike Autumn?  It’s like the Sundays…you know the Mondays are right around the corner.  Well last night’s Seaport Music Festival held it’s final show for the summer, and that reminded me of the Sundays.  But it’s kind of hard to complain when you have two great acts closing it for the season.  Savoir Adore’s beautifully, tight vocal harmonies and The Wedding Present’s nostalgic guitar melodies made for a bittersweet ending to this summer’s eventual end.

For 9 years the Seaport Music Festival has been putting up FREE SHOWS for the summer for all to enjoy, discover, and inspire.  With it’s train friendly location on Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport, one can chill out before or after the show at any of the plentiful restaurants and bars in the area.  Retail shops abound the area, and there’s even a mall.  If you forgot something, fret not, there’s a Duane Read nearby.  Now that the festival has finished for this summer, my Fridays are back to indoor gigs.  =/


Before the pics, a generous thank you to:

Dima, Troy, lighting/sound peoples, security, and lady who marks my name off and gives me the pit pass.


Pitch perfect and harmonic were Savoir Adore’s Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer, with Muro’s smooth and velvety vocals reminiscent of mid 20th century talents like Doris Day and Julie London.  Oh yeah, and I love her 20s flapper dress!


Headliners The Wedding Present were amazing as listening to them recalled memories of the 90s for me, especially during the ending of Kennedy, which reminded me of the wonderful 90s Oxford band Ride.  Throughout the night David Gedge’s hilarious repartee between him and a fan in the audience made for some amusing moments.  Though he thought her a “nutter” or “stalker” the banter between them was constant throughout the night.

Gedge made only one request of the audience…to follow him on twitter.  Well he may be able to reach his one million followers goal if they do more shows…just sayin’.

Likes to use the middle finger…ALOT.


As the summer winds down, the free outdoor shows will dwindle.  But you needn’t worry.  Next year will arrive faster than expected, because until then you will have been too busy working 50 hours a week and running errands on weekends to stop for a second to unwind.  Before you know it, Summer 2011 will have arrived.  Until next year’s Seaport Music Festival, chill out and enjoy the moment.


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