That Perfect Find-The Vintage Necklace

Ever wear something and just not feel completely dressed?  That’s right, you forgot your accessories!  Well, the other day, I was headed into Brooklyn to meet up with a friend, and I simply forgot to put on one of my favorite long chain necklaces.  Sure, I was wearing sneakers, a green floral skirt, and a pink Graham Coxon t-shirt, not the most chic, evening wear-screaming outfit, but I felt naked.  And who wears necklaces with a band shirt or any t-shirt for that matter?  Well if you’ve ever met my co-worker Maggie, you’d be amazed at the possibilities of working a chunky cluster of necklaces with a printed sporty tee.

As I walked along the backstreets of Williamsburg, I headed over to my favorite shopping venue, the Artist and Fleas.  Open every weekend from noon to 8, this indoor market sells handmade clothes and accessories as well as some amazing vintage gems.  As I perused the two adjoining rooms for a necklace, my hope of finding that perfect piece was steadily dwindling.  So to take my mind off the necklace search, I headed over to a clothing vendor, to try on a cute vertical stripe black and white chiffon dress that was 50% off.  50% off because of a stain in the middle of the dress, that I was pretty sure I could not remove myself with Oxi Clean.  So I moved on.  As my mind completely forgot about the necklace search, I came upon IT.

This was the perfect piece.  It was pink, with a gold chain, and black rectangles.  It was meant to be…almost.  It wasn’t long enough.  So I offered the lady $20 and headed to another vendor to add a few more gold links to my brand new/used necklace.  The length was perfect and my outfit was pretty complete.  Well, I could’ve used some costume jewelry rings, but I was really starving for a necklace, not finger wear.

As I left the Artist and Fleas building, happy with my purchase, I realized this…I only found what I really wanted AFTER I stopped looking for it.  That perfect find actually found me.


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