Longing For a Chain Necklace

That’s the sound of the people, working on the chain…gaaanggg.  That’s the sound of the peoples, working on the chain…necklace.  I’m super stoked about the metal chain-simple and clean, with a pendant at the bottom.

The long chain necklace seems to be pretty popular at the moment, with some of my favorite bands, men as well as women, dangling some pretty sweet pieces.  Just above the belly button is a pendant or object as large as bling, but not as obnoxious as the $ sign.  From shiny, to sculpted, to ornamental, this look is great from easy, casual looks with shirts and denim to fancy, upscale frilliness.


No fashion crime here, with Tanya Horo of Australia’s Sherlock’s Daughter.



Mad for it with Madchester’s Tim Burgess of The Charlatans (U.K.)


Mystery Jets at Mercury Lounge, NYC,Blaine Harrison of UK’s Mystery Jets.



Jamie Reynolds of UK’s Klaxons


It usually takes about a season or two for trends to take full effect here in the states…KEDS renaissance anybody???  The chain is simple, but with a kick ass conversation piece that dangles down your chest.  Just make sure you don’t get your hands caught in it and pull down, while you’re dancing.  That’s rather embarrassing.