Artist home-Keshida Layone, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, NY

It’s Saturday night and the temperature rides a comfortable level in the 60s.  As I exit the J train and walk the dark streets of Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, I move with a cautious but steady beat.  The sidewalks are in dire need of repair, and the street lights are minimal.  I do not want to trip and fall.

As I approach the gates of my friends’s apartment building, I  am reminded of those modern condos being built around the BK, even though this is not a condo.  Missing are the super high steps that lead to the front door, archetypical of brownstones throughout the borough.  Instead, I enter a glass doorway and am buzzed into an unassuming, fluorescently  lit  lobby, to take the staircase up to my friends’s abode.

Upon entrance, I was taken aback by the bold and contemporary  designs and shapes that would abound throughout.  A gorgeous pink hue lights the hallway, somehow masking the true colors of my friend’s paintings that grace the walls.  Trees, found in nature and…outdoors, now hang from the ceiling like works of art.  Art is displayed throughout my friend, Keshida Layone’s, home as he is an artist/painter/designer…you get the point.

Below are the images of the Layone’s Bed Stuy, Brooklyn home.  To the wonderful host and hostess, Keshida and Shelly, thank you for the hospitality and wonderful evening!


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