Teddy Boy-Artisans of the Lower East Side

Today as I walked around the LES, I passed by this quaint and cozy shop over on Allen Street.  Teddy Boy, named after the 50s British subculture, which eventually found its way into American music, specializes in handmade/designed coats, shirts, and jackets that are made to order.  Haute couture for the LES this shop is…

Originally situated in St. Mark’s Place, in the East Village, the FIT-trained owners moved their shop 2 years ago to its current location at 164 Allen Street (and Stanton).


Everything is made to order, with ample books of swatches available for customers to browse through.


With an interior full of beautiful artwork and vintage photographs displayed across exposed brick, as well as antique bric-a-brac throughout, one can truly sense a feeling of homeyness.


This is the coat I tried on.  Made of heavy wool with a tuxedo tail, and overlapping collars, this beautiful piece draped perfectly when I tried it on.  Sigh…


This shop is a great find for those who do not want fast fashion, but a piece specially made just for them.  The owners design and create the pieces themselves.  Artisanry is alive and well on the Lower East Side at Teddy Boy.


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