That Perfect Find-That matching vest

For the past 12+ years I have had this polyester orange and gray plaid skirt.  I bought it at the Salvation Army in Pasadena, California after college.  I love this skirt.  I wear it practically every week.

Anyways, I usually pair it with a stripe top or tuck a band shirt into it (yeah that’s right…I tuck the band shirt).  This skirt has been through countless washes.  It has endured cold weather with tights.  It’s been there rubbing my thighs sans slip in the spring/summer with a pair of sneakers.  I love this skirt.

So imagine my surprise, while shopping at Beacon’s Closet today in Williamsburg, Brooklyn when I came upon this particular gem.  How was it possible?  Were these separated at birth and moved across country, only to be found a decade plus later?  My jaw dropped as I saw that familiar orange and gray combination peeking out from the rack.  Yes…it was the matching vest.

I don’t know how fate brought these 2 pieces together.  I never even knew this vest existed.  But now that they do, I will be rockin’ this piece…alot.


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