Streetwear-What the People of NYC Don-Oct 16-31, 2010

There’s a chill in the air and a gloom in the sky,
but hope for some style that will make my heart sigh.
The second part of October is finally done,
what’s missing this season is the warmth of the sun.
Though not much had happened the weeks in fore,
the latter seems better, and much less the bore.

With CMJ music fest throughout NYC,
great fashion abounded like a clear guarantee.
Musicians were great to listen and stare,
but also to  hear of the clothes that they wear.
So let’s take a look at October’s latter,
stop with the rhyming, let’s get to the matter.

Nigel Bomb spotted at the subway station in Queens, New York.

Check out the great pants!


What caught my eye was the splash of pink from her scarf, but the whole outfit is edgy and fun!


I believe he is wearing a vintage Versace vest.

Love the details!


During CMJ fest, lady in a great pair of shredded pants from Top Shop!

Detail view


Australia’s City Riots‘s frontman Ricky Kradolfer dons the long chain necklace.
I’m telling you these necklaces are hot right now!

Detail view


Boban Tran, singer/guitarist for Ma.Mentor walks in these worn but funky boots.


London’s Black Cherry in two-toned black and white stockings is nicely coordinated with a b/w striped top.

And of course that dangling necklace looks great.  Suspenders are awesome as well.


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