NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 20 Sept 2011

Found this young lady over in Times Square today in this Anna Sui dress.  The Blair Waldorf/Gossip Girl-insipired dress was … More

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: What the People of Fashion Week Don, 13 Sep 2011, NYC

Fashion Week continued Wednesday and PMFB caught some amazing and unusual event fashion.  The people do get dressed up and … More

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: 12 Sep 2011, NYC

What an amazing day today was at Lincoln Center for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  PMFB got lots of street fashion interviews, … More

NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 3 July 2011

Ugh…the humidity!  As I sit in my shoebox, sans AC, I suffer.  I suffer for the fashion, so that I … More

NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 21 June 2011

Happy first day of Summer all!  What a wonderful, though a smidge humid for my taste, day  in the city.  … More

NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 19 June 2011

Some shots from the streets on North 7th and Kent in Brooklyn.  Plenty of great fashion, maybe too many,  I … More

NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 15 June 2011

Hooray for Spring!  And summer too!  Bright colors abound throughout the city.  Bold patterns make playful statements.  Accessories make a … More

NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 13 June 2011

It’s menswear day today!  From the preppy and fun school boy to the nerdy/hot sweater guy to the cool and … More

NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 10 May 2011

Howdy!  Well, while walking around the city I got some pics of a couple of fashionable people.  Unfortunately, one man … More

NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 6 May 2011

Cute dress, love the floral pattern with stripes. Casual and cool. What a great bag!   Going green. Mixing formal … More

NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 5 May 2011

When I was younger, people use to dress up at shows.  I remember getting my wedge on, my charity shop … More

NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 28 April 2011

Saw this young lady walking down 18th Street today.  Love the look here.  The fun paisley patterned pants are super … More

NYC-Streetwear-The Weekender: 4/22/11 and 4/24/11

And…we’re back!  Sorry we’ve been out of commission for a while.  There is absolutely no excuse!  Well, maybe feeling under … More