HOT OFF THE PRESS!!! Isaac Mizrahi Street Fashion Interviews Keshida in NYC, 3 Nov 2010

Our very own Keshida Layone of Processed Meat Fashion Blog’s Street Fashion video segment was interviewed just minutes ago on the street today by none other than the inimitable Isaac Mizrahi.  I used to have a pair of metallic cat-eye specs by him.  They broke.

Anyways, Processed Meat Fashion Blog snapped up some shots of Mr. Mizrahi interviewing people on the street about…street fashion and style.  What is going on?!  Oh well, like they say, there’s always room for Jell-o.



During the interview, Keshida was asked what won’t he leave the house without, who his celebrity crush is, which celebrity does he resemble, and what his fashion resolution is, to which Layone revealed was to not buy anymore clothes.  HAH!  Good luck with that one buddy!

Well, here’s hoping for a successful show that will hopefully be up and running…soon.  I just wish I knew the name of the show!



Isaac Mizrahi, a super nice lad, who had to rush off after the taping, with our very own Keshida Layone.


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