Streetwear-What the People of Los Angeles Don-Nov 15-19, 2010

While Processed Meat Fashion Blog took a little break on the west coast, we did NOT take a break on the street fashion hunt.  Here’s what PMFB found on what the left coasters liked.

Apparently, we were not the only ones to ask for their pics.  It was fashion blog day today.



Colorful and fun in this stripe dress mixed with diagonal and vertical stripes.


She also designs these adorable necklaces.  Check them out at:


Bettie Page bangs adorned with a red rose, nice accessorizing.  Love the shirt too!


Comfortable and fashionable with those adorable and popular lace-up brogues, denim, and a simple cotton striped top.  I personally would add a necklace, just above the bust to get that extra zing, but that’s just me.


Super comfy in a loosely fitted blouse that drapes well.


Then I saw the socks and pink bow and just melted.


Well, can’t wait to get another chance to visit Cali again.


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