Streetwear-What the People of NYC Don-Nov 2010

Another installment of NYC’s most fashionably dressed streetwear from November.  PMFB took a little break mid-month and headed west to Los Angeles.  Don’t forget to check out that post as well, here:

But we’re back in NYC to wrap up the month, so check out below what the people of NYC donned in November.  Gobble Gobble!


Great outfit, am especially loving the hair.


Great colors, necklace, pants, jacket, shoes, etc…


At the Union Square subway station.  Love both looks!


Yes, she’s colorful, and yes, I love it!


I had to get a photo as soon as I saw mc/rapper Chop at the Whole Foods.  Check out her stuff:

The skirt and tights are great!


In Queens!


5 Ave and fun!


So glad color is still around.  Looks great here!


Love the pink tights!


Too shy for pics, but had to get a shot of the shoes.


You don’t get into the fashion shows wearing sweatpants and hoodies.  PMFB Contributor, Chet Awer, looking dapper in suit and checkered, button-up shirt with vest.



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