Streetwear-What the People of NYC Don-Dec 1-10, 2010

Though the weather is getting frightful,

The style is still delightful.

Though sparse in amount they may be,

What we found made us smile with much glee!

Thanksgiving had passed, Black Friday zoomed by,

Falling temps made my heart wistfully sigh…

For the fear of nothing but a sea of black coats

Would fill the streets like lakes filled with boats.

So check out below, what we found on the street.

New York’s looking good, from warm head to feet.


18th Street.  Layered from top to bottom and looking amazing.


The 30 degree temps couldn’t stop her from wearing some great accessories like the purple leg warmers and that hot laminated Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.


23rd Street N/R train station.  Great coat!




LES.  Animal print is hot right now.


LES.  Great look and the bag is sweeeet.


Flatiron District.  Excellent coat by Zara.  She also has a fashion blog, check it out at:



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