Streetwear-What the People of NYC Don-Dec 11-20, 2010

New York is a city

Sometimes it’s quite pretty.

We search for the fun

Even when there’s no sun.

We won’t post up crap.

Cos, we think we’re quite snap.

Oh shut up  you poet!

With the pics, they’ll just know it…

Union Square.  Great ensemble and love the glasses!

Union Square B&N.  With a book and a confident look.

Park Ave.  Relaxed and comfy.

5th Ave & 20th Street.  Warm and chic.

5th Ave & 18th Street.  Great accessorizing!

Carmen Webber-Designer of Sistahs of Harlem at the 18th Street Bed Bath and Beyond, showing an awesome mix of daring and unique styles.  Check out her myspace page:


Processed Meat is currently in Cali (LA and SF ) We hope to get some amazing shots of you left coasters.


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