Streetwear-What the People of LA and NY Don-Dec 21, 2010 to Jan 10, 2011

It’s another post on streetwear attire.

We hope these pics will not only inspire,

But as you look and admire

Will drive a strong and creative fire

In your belly to dress with your own style

Take a hint, in your mind keep a file

Of things you liked and thought were fun

Thing’s you’d wear in the sun.

Things you would definitely get

Wearable even when the weather’s wet.

Not much west coast last year,  more east coast this year,

It’s all really good, so don’t you fear…

So here’s our next piece, we hope you’ll agree,

Fashion is for all, for you and for me.


Los Angeles 2010:

Great jacket.

Detail view.

Great use of a pop out color and a simple but cute top.

Had to get a shot of the adorable hair.  LOVE IT!

A great festive sweater and nice layering here.

NYC 2011:

I love the pink coat.

Corduroy is cool.

Great outfit, especially the coat.

Close-up of the coat.

She’s from England.  No wonder I automatically loved her style!

That coat looks warm and comfortable!

Great coat!

Saw this amazing army green coat from 1/2 a block and had to get a shot of it.

Designer Nanako was one of the vendors at the Artist & Fleas market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Below are some of her feminine and beautiful designs.

See you next time!


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