Streetwear-What the People of NYC Don-Jan 11-20, 2011

I really can’t stay, baby it’s cold outside.

The weather is cold, need a warm place to hide.

Until I get home, a poncho I’ll don.

A tall funky hat, on my head will go on.

My feet will stay warm, with boots that are lined.

My hands will be gloved, lost pair I will find!

Don’t think you’ve won, nasty cold front.

You might be quite harsh, but I’m  one tough cu…


18th Street.  Great sweater and cool hat.

18th Street.  Love the hat and scarf.

St. Mark’s Place.  Stayin’ warm and fashionable.

Bway/Lafayette area.  Nice pants and great choice in shops.

5th Ave.  Cool collar on the coat.

Madison Square Park.  Layering and loving the boots.

Around Madison Square Park.  Like the coat and cool hair.

5th Ave.  The poncho is a great look.

5th Ave.  My love of pink is still going strong.


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