Streetwear-What the People of NYC Don-Jan 21-31, 2011

During the winter, it’s important to know.

Coats and accessories are what you should show.

Color is key, layers are fun.

Stay bundled and warm, cos there ain’t no sun.

Just remember dear friend, oh it’s not what’s inside,

What counts in the cold, is what’s worn on the outside.

Around Broadway & E. 12th Street.  I need to find those gloves.  Soooo hot!  The whole outfit is hot.

At the Artist and Fleas in Williamsburg, BK.  I don’t often shoot black clothing, but this look is great.

18th Street.  Saw this cute couple on 19th, but couldn’t get to them at that moment, so I decided if it was meant to be, I’d see them again.  What luck!


Here’s a  melange of great stuff we found today on 6th and 7th Ave.  Well done NYC!



On the Williamsburg Waterfront, BK.  I saw these guys and they just looked so cool.


Til next time!


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