Rag and Bone Opening at Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC, 10 March 2011

On this dreary, wet night in the city that never sleeps, one is most inclined to stay inside.  Feeling a bit antsy, from a lack of a social life at the moment, I decided to head out to an event at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC.  Rag and Bone, the classic sportswear collection founded by duo Marcus Wainwright and David Neville had an amazing opening at Saks Fifth Ave in Manhattan.  The night was a super sweet treat as it featured live entertainment by sunny-pop Midwest up-and-comers, Smith Westerns. The SXSW-bound lads performed for an uber-fashionable crowd.

Marcus Wainwright and David Neville


The band, clad in baggy sweaters, shiny jackets, leather ankle boots and rolled up denim cuffs were subtle in their fashion statement, but then again, isn’t it really all about the music?  So we got some amazing fashion of the guests at tonight’s event:

Great outfit!


Photographer/Fashion Writer/Blogger/Style Director Justin Bridges.

Check out his fashion blog at:  http://tuckedstyle.com/


Love the accessorizing!


The very fashionable Miss Grace.  Check out her fashion site at:



Love the hair!  Oh wait…did I just see pink headphones?  Sweet…


Colorful and cute!


So cool, am loving it!




After the show PMFB had a chance to hang out for a bit and just meet some really nice people:


Accessoir’s President/CEO Alexander Glibbery and Creative Director/Designer Aurija Petraityte with Saks Fifth Ave Event Publicist on the left.  Check out the great bag Petraityte (right) designed above.


Jeff B of Hip Hop Havoc.  Thanks for letting me stand in front of you during the band’s performance!


Stylist Irvin Andrew.  Great scarf, perfect for spring as well!


It was a great night.  Amazing apparel, melodic music, and got to get kicked out of the Saks Fifth Avenue.  Sweet!


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more stories about tonight from tuckedstyle.com at:




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