NYC-Streetwear-The Weekender: 3/26/11 and 3/27/11

Some street fashion from this weekend in the city.  Color is coming back, though black is ever the ubiquitous safe option.  Light fabrics are defying the cold air, 40 degree is definitely doable.  Funky patterns make for great accessories.  Chunky sweaters are always fun and comfortable.  Scarves are playing a dual role in keeping the head as well as the neck warm.

Let’s hope for some more great fashion to come soon.

Love the purple skirt and the bag.

Keeping warm and looking cool at the same time.

Love the shoes on the lady.  Those army green jackets are always great too.

This couple looks casual and cool at the same time.

Love the scarf alot.

What a classy looking couple.  Really love the lady’s outfit.


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