NYC-Streetwear-The Weekender: 4/22/11 and 4/24/11

And…we’re back!  Sorry we’ve been out of commission for a while.  There is absolutely no excuse!  Well, maybe feeling under the weather, the weather itself, and a lack of motivation due to really boring fashion on the street is our excuse.  But hey, we’re working on that!  Though Saturday was a drencher, the weekend wasn’t a complete bust.  Friday and Sunday saw some great looks in Manhattan and Brooklyn…

Union Square.  Looking tough and stylish.

Great shoes too!


Today was such a great, warm day!  So what does one do when the temps reach the 70s?  You go to your sure bet.  So Processed Meat Fashion Blog headed out to fashionable Wiliamsburg, Brooklyn.  So many great looks abounded the streets of Bedford.  It was finding that special photo-worthy ones that was the hard part!  Here’s what we got:

 I am so glad color is coming back!  Hooray for pastels!

Great long skirt and jacket.

Love the accessorizing and the vest.

Such a great color.  Can’t wait to put on the jumpsuit!

The bow tie is hot and so is the tux.  Looks great here!


Til next time!


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