NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 10 May 2011

Howdy!  Well, while walking around the city I got some pics of a couple of fashionable people.  Unfortunately, one man politely declined having his photo taken.  What a shame, he looked amazing.  Hey, you can’t get ’em all right?  Oh well, at least we got these two gems.  Check them out!

Well done NYC!

 Bowties are hot right now.

Looking cool on the LES.


Spotted Ryan in Washington Square Park.  She also has a fashion blog, Gotham Girls.  Make sure you check out her interview below.  We asked this fellow fashion blogger to describe her style, what she was looking forward to wearing now that the weather is warming up, and lastly what trends was she noticing on the streets, fashion mags, blogs, etc., that she’s just digging.  Pretty nifty stuff.

You can check out Ryan’s own fashion blog at:


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