Jangula Does the Brooklyn Flea, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 19 June 2011

Had a photo shoot with Bushwick, Brooklyn’s Jangula today.  The guys were great to shoot.  The photos are posted in the Music Portraits section:


Aside from crazy, yet loving poses on the Williamsburg waterfront, and a prospective product endorsement shot for AriZona Ice Tea, an opportunity arose for these lads to use their interpersonal skills and interview people at the Brooklyn Flea. From vendors to bystatnders, the band asked people various questions from describing their fashion style to revealing their favorite all time 70s films or albums.  I believe there was even a special guest appearance from Lady Liberty herself, though I don’t remember her being German.

If you took Spanish in high school, you’re also in luck, as one of our interviewees only spoke in Spanish.  Barak Kemeny took on that task and showed true professionalism throughout the interview…even when he forgot how to say the word “question” in Spanish.  No worries, he got the job done.

Enjoy the video and remember, no downloading or reposting.  Use the link instead…