NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 19 June 2011

Some shots from the streets on North 7th and Kent in Brooklyn.  Plenty of great fashion, maybe too many,  I couldn’t keep up. I thought I had more than I shot, but apparently I didn’t.  Found alot of great colors and accessories in the area to accent those cute light fabric dresses.  Shorts and shirts are plentiful and quite popular.  Unfortunately that doesn’t stand out to me, so I didn’t shoot that.  Oh well, so here are the few great pieces we found on the streets of Williamsburg.

Paisley is so cute.

Those earrings are quite adorable too.

Love the colors here…

And those sunglasses are super fun!

Digging the whole outfit.  Not sure how he was able to stand the heat, but he looked great doing it.

Sooooooo loving that button-up shirt.


So many great colors and patterns…this is why I love summer.  Well, that and the warm weather of course.  Ok, so it’s technically not summer yet.  😉


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