NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 21 June 2011

Happy first day of Summer all!  What a wonderful, though a smidge humid for my taste, day  in the city.  One would think that people would celebrate the Summer Solstice with some bright and vibrant colors, to correspond with the longest day of the year.  Unfortunately, that was not so.

Most people on the street walked around today in gray, beige, or black.  People!  Hello!?  It’s the first day of summer!  Celebrate with some color in your outfit.  Well, fortunately, I lucked out today…

What a great color and pattern.  Perfect for today!  And the accessories…

Love all the layering of the necklaces, and chunky bracelets and watch.  Great color coordination!  I’m not much of a color coordinator, but she sure looks awesome here!


So come on NYC, get out and do some colors…PLEASE! =)


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