NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 5 July 2011

Today we headed out to the Gramercy area.  Though the air was thick and unbearable, we were determined to find some noteworthy street fashion on this post Independence Day Tuesday.  As we walked the streets of Manhattan at a snails pace, we wondered if anything amazing would pop out at us.  Oh what luck as we came upon the lovely Michelle.  Dressed in pink (hooray!) we asked her to describe her style, what her fave season was for fashion, and where she looks for trends.

Did I mention, her dress is pink?  YAAY!!!  Here are the still shots and below is the video.

Lacey, feminine pink dress with sandals also in a lace-like pattern, and a great pair of Ray Ban aviators.

Love the lacey details and bow.


Let’s hear what Michelle had to say about her fashion and trends:


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