NYC-Streetwear Du Jour, 3 July 2011

Ugh…the humidity!  As I sit in my shoebox, sans AC, I suffer.  I suffer for the fashion, so that I may bring you a few morsel of street fashion goodness.

These goodies I discovered over on Prince Street in Soho yesterday.  A couple of them I spotted while eating an afternoon breakfast seated at the edge on the sidewalk of Delicatessen restaurant.  “Excuse, may I take your photo for a fashion blog?” I ask politely, just after I bite into a ketchup drenched pork sausage.  No worries, no outfits were splattered during the making of this piece.

Here are the few pieces we found:

Love loose and drapey fabric.  Drapey is not a word according to, but you know what I mean.

Quirky and casual here.  I like to call it Librarian chic and comfortable.  Great graphics on the tees too.

Visiting from the UK with some great accessories.  I want that chain necklace.


I hear the temps may reach the 90s tomorrow.  Sooooo hoping to spot some great street fashion tomorrow, drenched in sweat and SPF.


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