Stephen Burrows Spring/Summer 2012 Collection at Fashion Week, Audi Forum, NYC, 15 Sep 2011

Stephen Burrows showcased his Spring/Summer 2012 line during New York Fashion Week at the Audi Forum in Midtown Manhattan, Thursday, 15 September 2012.

The quintessential woman for Burrows’s sophisticated line is the jet-setting, modern urbanite, living a cosmopolitan lifestyle.  His free flowing pieces with vibrant colors and graphic patterns represent the escapism and daydreams that I (and many women) longingly yearn for as if packing for a weekend get away to some luxurious and fancy beach or resort town.

The pieces ranged from loose and free to hip and trendy, with great, colorful accessories.  This was one of the more entertaining shows of Fashion Week, as the models really worked the runway with dramatic, sweeping gestures and carefree twirls.

The colors on the video do NOT do the beautiful pieces any justice.  My apologies in advance.  Enjoy the video…


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