AMÉ AMÉ Rain Gear and Candy in NYC

Once in a while my sweet tooth craves for a little something not so chocolatey.  That’s where AMÉ AMÉ comes in.

The rain gear and candy store located on 9th Street (between 1st and 2nd Ave) in the East Village fulfills that candy crave while at the same time providing you with an array of rain gear from colorful umbrellas, to brogue-like rain shoes, to super fashionable capes and jackets.

Store founder Teresa Soroka believes that one can be fashionable even in the rain, and once you check out her shop, you’ll be a believer.  When you walk into her shop the first thing you notice are the jars of candy lined-up against the wall.  From sours to gummies to chocolates whatever your taste, your mouth will be satiated.  But don’t just stop at the candy, look around and enjoy the best quality umbrellas with some fabulous designs, that won’t break after 3 uses.

For bike riders, AMÉ AMÉ’s got you covered from practical and chic rain jackets to sophisticated ponchos.  And for those 30% rainy days, instead of wearing those clunky boots, step into some adorable light weight rain shoes.  The gold rain shoes are probably my favorite.

So check out the video interview with Teresa Soroka showing you a few of her favorite pieces (including the gold rain shoes!) and then check out her store at 318 E. 9th Street in Manhattan.  If you can’t get there, go online at:


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