Ame Ame’s Rain Collection and Video Tutorials

Ame Ame Rain Gear and Candy shop is a great place for fashion savvy residents of NYC and chic tourists who believe stylish outerwear is not only meant for dry days, but also for the wet days.  In New York City, rain doesn’t just happen in the winter, its part of the fall, spring, and summer.  Many a music festivals have been poured upon in the summer months, and there’s nothing worse than walking around all rain-soaked and sticky after a sweaty show.  Tourist who live in rainy places would totally appreciate the products Ame Ame provides from durable and colorful umbrellas, to cool and beautiful capes and coats, to fun and funky rain boots and shoes.

If you didn’t get the chance to check out some of Ame Ame’s products from last month, you can check it out here.  Order online at and get 15% off with coupon code: TearNTan.

I recently had the chance to photograph some of the beautiful products Ame Ame offers with the help of owner Teresa Soroka doing double duty as model.  Soroka also spent some time showing us some of her favorite new products, including an iPad cover, and a demo on how to properly fold an umbrella.  Yeah, I’m pretty guilty of throwing away the covers that my umbrellas come with, only to end up with the contents of my bag being wet and gross.

Check out the editorial spread flip book of Teresa in some great coats and colorful umbrellas, and below that check out the new products and tutorials Ame Ame has kindly provided.

Editorial  Flip Book:

Go to Flip Book

(Click on the Play flash full screen link on the bottom right of the image to view in a larger size)


New items at Ame Ame:


5 Types of Umbrellas You Need:


How to Properly Fold an Umbrella:


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