Widowspeak, Vensaire, and Hard Bop at Brooklyn Bowl, 26 September 2012

With coquettish eye gestures and head tilts, the swayful melodies and smooth Hope Sandoval-esque vocals of Molly Hamilton melded effortlessly with Widowspeak’s enchanting performance at Brooklyn Bowl on Wednesday.  I can only describe Widowspeak’s sound as a balladry of drowsy sweetness with lilting nymph-like vocals.  It’s very lazy…lazy in a good way though.

The show was presented by Local X Local, and the three set event included a night of guitars, bellowing, crooning, and more guitars with openers Hard Bop and Vensaire.

A lot of fancy finger work going on by Hard Bop, who performed a 10-15 minute head-gazing-at-shoes one song set.   Okay, okay, can be filed under shoegaze.  The set was short, sweet, melodic, and guitar-fingering hypnotic.  Just add a lot of fog and they are good to go.

Vensaire was quirky, folksy (not really my thing) but entertaining with the help of Widowspeak’s guitarist Robert Earl Thomas…guitaring.

If you RSVP’d to the event you got in free, but the cost was an affordable $5, so either way, it was still cheap enough to see a show and partake in falafels and shish taouk afterwards.

Here’s the photo gallery and video below that:

Here’s a video of Widowspeak performing ‘Nightcrawlers’ at the Brooklyn Bowl:


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