Images of The Jesus and Mary Chain from Irving Plaza, 14 September 2012, NYC

It’s been almost a week, and I’m finally getting to posting these.  My apologies, I have no excuse.  Well, I was trying to finish up Fashion Week stuff, so there’s my excuse.

But anyways, both nights were amazing.  The second night was way better as I was up front, not on the balcony.  The openers, The Psychic Paramount, eventually grew on me by the end of their set.  But I may have been in the minority as this shot pretty much summed up the crowds feeling about them.

I think it was being in the midst of the excess fog, that I realized that this band had a pretty fun gimmick- they just had to engulf the audience in fog while they played.  Everytime that fog machine purged out plumes of fog, you just braced yourself.  You knew what was coming and you eventually delighted in what was to come.  It’s about the experience and not really the music.  Hey after the first night, people were talking about them.  Seriously, go for the fog, not the music…

…then stay for The Jesus and Mary Chain.  It was a great set of amazing music, with a slight setlist change from the Osheaga set.  I still feel ‘Crackin’ Up’ was a bit too fast, or there were possibly way to many guitars on it, but the rest of the set was awesome.  They are still one of my two favorite bands of all time and I can not wait to see them again.

Here are the shots from the 14th.


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