CMJ Music Marathon-Day 3 Featuring Icona Pop, JJAMZ, and More…

Day 3 of CMJ music marathon started with a Tijuana Gift Shop happy hour reception at Engine Room A where guests were treated to a rooftop performance by Apollo Run as well as an extremely dizzying view of the streets from the edge of the roof.  As I stepped to the edge of the roof that was enclosed with only a 10 inch high wall, I was informed that the area was off limits.  I guess alcohol and 10 inch low walls on rooftops don’t really mix.  The guys from Apollo Run put on a quick set from outside, complete with wailing, clapping, and plenty of foot stomping.

Gospel-like and emotional, the rooftop was the perfect spot for their ‘Love Song’:


Also performing a short set, indoors, was Old Time Machine.  You can check out their performance of a dark and mysterious ‘Tearing Me Down’ here:


It was then off to the CMJ Union at Union Square.  This was the first time I have ever seen a line form and wrap around the buildings for a show at the CMJ Union.  Interestingly enough though, it was for the Taiwan Music Showcase.  Once in, the room was packed with devoted fans.  It was crazy, and all for 831, Da Mouth, and Chemical Monkeys.  I could only stay for 831, who put on a fun, pop punk performance for an excited yet polite crowd.

After 831, it was off to see JJAMZ at the Bowery Electric.  I only made it to catch the last couple of songs, but was able to catch Z Berg’s sultry and playful performance.

The last show of the night, Icona Pop, cut off badges by the time I got to Santos Party House.  I guess that’s what I get for stopping by Fat Baby first to check out Bouts at the Irish showcase.  Anyways, I was still able to get in for an easy $10.

The Swedish duo was nearing the end of their set, but still had the house going.  The evening got most excellent when their uber catchy ‘I Love It’ started up.  Even after 1 am the set was was still going strong with shouting, bouncing, grinding, and major hair whipping…and that was just the crowd.  The hardest part of this show was figuring out if you wanted to dance or just watch Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt as they mesmerized with their intense and powerful performance.  The ladies seemed so gracious and surprised that the audience loved them so much.  How can you not love music makers who make you want to get up and dance?


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