Diamond Rings and Gold Fields at Bowery Ballroom, 4 December 2012, NYC

I love when bands love to perform.  When they put on a show for your visual pleasure as well as your aural senses.  When it doesn’t seem like an obligation, but a privilege for the performer to do what they love and to happily share it with you.  Last night’s show with Diamond Rings and Gold Fields epitomized such point, also proving that graciousness and gratitude is hot.

Hailing from Ballarat, Australia, five piece Gold Fields was received very well by a packed Bowery Ballroom.  The last time I “saw” Gold Fields, was during CMJ in the back of a crowded Delancey.  There wasn’t much I could see, so I just danced, and it was awesome.  Last night’s show however gave me a chance to see the band as well as dance to them.  With danceable beats, plenty of cowbells, and a Klaxons-like sound, Gold Fields was a great choice to get the night started.

 Gold Fields

Toronto, Canada’s John O, aka Diamond Rings, headlined last night’s show, using a backing band for the first time.  I was only planning on staying for the first three songs, but after the first three songs, I kinda didn’t want to leave.  So, I didn’t.

Stepping out on stage, wrapped in tin foil with glowing laser green alien eyes, while crooning in a deep dark tone, you already knew this show would not just be about the music, but also about the performance.

Diamond Rings

That performance including various costume changes, one of which being a leather vest and chain piece, for your sadistic pleasure, also included happy dancing, dramatic hand gestures for my camera’s pleasure, and swayful melodic electro-pop.  O also encouraged the audience to make music, as his first album was created on GarageBand.  Though I’m not sure that’s always possible, if you don’t really have a musical gene in your body, like me.  Is clapping considered an instrument?

The best part about the show was the sense of John O’s genuiness.  I don’t know if I just made that word up, but he seemed genuinely happy to be there as you could tell by the smile that beamed from his lips all the way up to his eyes.  It was definitely an infectious smile, one that made you, as an audience member, feel appreciated.

All Photos: 2012 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.


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