1st Midnight Wednesday Event with Ame Ame, Emily Kammeyer Accessories, and Naturally Susan’s Bath and Beauty

So did you get your shop on last night?  Last night’s 1st Annual Midnight Wednesday event around the East Village included 10% discounts on participating shops in the area.  There were plenty of boutiques open til midnight for your spending pleasure and hopefully you were able to help out these small businesses by finding some unique gifts for the holiday season.

I’m still thinking about that winged migration necklace at Pink Olive and that brown vintage bag at Dusty Buttons.  Hmmmm…

Well, after spending some time on 9th Street, checking out the various shops, it was off to Ame Ame for their event.  Located on 9th Street, between 1st and 2nd Ave, the shop was bustling with music provided by DJ Miami Slice, fashion, and lots of candy.



Participating at the Ame Ame store was Naturally Susan’s bath and beauty products.  For the lady (or man) in your life who love to feel pampered, these natural and organic soaps, scrubs, skin care products were a big hit.  All of the products are handcrafted by Susan herself, so you know exactly what is going into the products.


And if you’re not sure what to buy, there’s a mini sampler package including various soaps, scrubs, and masks for just $20.  These last a long time too, as you only needed to use a little bit to get great coverage.



If accessories and jewelry are more your thing, Emily Kammeyer was there to help you out.  Her line of head pieces have been featured from various online shopping sites to blogs and fashion magazines.

Want something simple?  You’ll like her wrap bracelets with tassels.  These pieces look great with any outfit, including that sequined tuxedo jacket you know you’ll be wearing on New Year’s Eve.



And if you’re into the statement necklace, there are some great selections to choose from.




You can also get something simple for your hair like these playful clips:





Ladies of the night, Ame Ame’s Teresa Soroka, Designer Emily Kammeyer,  Naturally Susan’s Susan Ng


Was a great night to spend money, and support the local shops.  And since it ended at midnight, you still had plenty of time to go to a bar for a nightcap.


Me?  I ended my night prepping for winter, in a new pair of rainboots.



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