Alon Livne Fall/Winter 2013 Collection, NYFW, 9 February 2013

Middle Eastern designer, Alon Livne, is the designer of choice for Israel’s entertainment elite.  And after seeing today’s presentation at The Box, there’s no doubt as to why.

With pieces so sculptural and unique, you can’t help but admire, as well as desire to possibly don one of his masterpieces.  It would almost be too much to comprehend that art can be worn, yet this is what Livne has done.

Alon Livne Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Livne’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection was in all black.   Though I’m not really a fan of all black clothing, this had to be an exception.   I was now forced to focus on the texture, shape, design, and flow of the garments, and not the color.  You really had to see the outfit for it’s structure/form and not it’s hue.

Embracing the future, while appreciating the past, Livne’s technique utilized both the new school world of sewing and the old school world of couture detailing.

Livne’s collection re-imagines ‘the beautifully bleak post-apocalyptic world’ translated in the pages of British author J.G. Ballard.  Models were represented as figures of crystallization, transformed from the living to frozen gems, now held captive in an imaginary world, brought to fruition through the complex, yet intriguing mind of Livne.

Sensual and unusual is how I would describe Livne’s collection, and there’s nothing wrong with that.


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