Orin Ink – Subway Artist

Was on my way home from a show tonight, when this guy starts drawing this lady on the subway.  After he gave her the drawing, he asked if another gentleman wanted his portrait drawn.  The portrait was completed in minutes.  After a few more people, I had the opportunity to have my portrait drawn.  Orin Ink or Roderick ‘Orin’ Perry, has been doing these portraits with black marker on white paper for some time and has even been featured in the Village Voice.

This was a really cool experience, and people just got really curious…and happy.  He only asks for donations so he can buy the drawing supplies, but if you can’t donate, he doesn’t fuss about it.

Check out the 90 second video of him tonight at work and if you have the chance, check out his blog.  Maybe if you see him on the train, he’ll draw you!



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