WAS at the Gap, 7 March 2013, NYC

We Are Scientists performed an exclusive show for SXSW at the Gap in Herald Square, NYC  on 7 March 2013.

After an hour or so wait in the torrential storm, (okay, light flurries and sprinkles) it was into the retail shop for an instore performance.

The guys were in top form and the stage banter between Keith and Chris is still as clever and hilarious as before.  They sure like to talk alot, but that’s okay, because you can learn so much from them – like double knotting your shoes may help you from having to constantly tie your shoes;  And how Chris’s height insecurity forced Keith to play on the floor and not the stage.  Also, if you are a bear, you will most likely be forced on stage to dance.  Oh I’m sorry, I meant if you have a bear costume, you will most likely be forced on stage to dance.

There were other…ahem…subjects that I’m not going to repeat, but let’s just say according to Chris, it’s worth about $10,000 (or you can share it at 2 for $5,000).

You can really learn alot from the trivia these guys like to share and that’s what you get…gain, when you attend a We Are Scientists show – music and knowledge.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt by We Are Scientists

Video courtesy of skizz0rz:


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