If You’re Not Doing Anything Friday Night…Go See Small Black (Brooklyn)

Brooklyn’s Small Black will be performing at 285 Kent on Friday night (8 March 2013).

Small Black

Forget about Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck, you can DVR ‘Blue Bloods’.  Their set may start after 11 pm, but it will be so worth it.  Granted, you may end up taking a train who’s line is doing track work, forcing you to go to a stop farther than yours, thus making you go up the stairs, cross the platform and take a downtown train, but like I stated earlier…it will be so worth it.  (Oh dear, now I really hope the band does well, or else my name is mud, or that woman who lies.)

Well you can always check them out beforehand, and see if you like their sound:


If you go, make sure you got your swaying shoes on and clothes that will allow you to move easily.  No, not sweatpants you fool!  Just enjoy yourself.

And no…the keyboardist is not James Righton of Klaxons.


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