Giveaway! Win a Free 110 Percent Heart Tote Bag

Inspired by her New Year’s Resolution to live life 110%, Ame Ame owner Teresa Soroka is living life beyond her potential in hopes of creating a better environment for all.

110 Percent Heart is an indiegogo project Soroka started to create a more sustainable and beautiful world one umbrella, one tote, and one city park at a time.   Millions of umbrellas end up in landfills every year.  These umbrellas usually made from steel or aluminum and petroleum, most of which are produced by sweatshop labor, will be tossed into garbage cans, which eventually end up in the landfills.  As quality is compromised, the constant need for a new umbrella grows, when they are constantly being destroyed from strong winds and poor construction.


Soroka is currently in the midst of producing her own durable and fashionable umbrellas, and her 110 Percent Heart project was created to get funding for these umbrellas.  You can easily help her raise $15K by contributing as little as $10.  Earn karma points for helping the environment out and get yourself a nice gift, how easy is that?

But the more you contribute, the better your rewards!  For $55, you’ll get a really cool M11 or M18 tote bag with a zipper top and a practical interior pocket.


The M11 (left – approx 11″ X 16″ X 5″) is large enough for an 11-inch Mac Air or 2 bottles of wine,  but if you need something larger, just go with the M18 (right – approx 15″ X 18″ X 4.5″) also at $55.  Both totes have a zipper top and an interior pocket for your convenience and security.

There’s also jewelry and if your company wants to participate, they can go with the $500 contribution and get 10 totes.  There’s much more, just check out what other thank you gifts 110 Percent Heart has available here:



I’ll be giving away one of these totes, and you can be the lucky winner.  To be eligible, you’ll need to subscribe to The Tear-n Tan Files.  Enter your email and click on the ‘Follow’ button on the upper right or select the RSS  – Posts link.  Once subscribed, you are automatically entered into the drawing.  If you already subscribe to this blog, just ‘Leave a Reply’ below this post that you are already a subscriber and want to enter this drawing.  One lucky winner will get their choice of the M11 or M18.  As long as you are a subscriber and there is a valid email address, you’re entered!

Only subscribers are eligible for this drawing, so sign up!  It’s free!

The drawing is on the March 21st.

Good luck and totes!



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