Streetwear Du Jour – Williamsburg or Soho? NYC, 13 April 2013

Whenever I’m in need of street fashion inspiration, I head to my go-to places – Soho and Williamsburg. Sure it may seem sooooo predictable, but they are reliable sources of good street fashion.

I know when I head to my tried and tested locales, I will most likely find some pretty darn good street fashion.  But can you tell the difference between the Williamsburg and Soho look?  Well…


Below me are 9 images of fabulously attired people that I stopped on the streets of Williamsburg and  Soho.  Your test is to figure out which of these two neighborhoods I shot them in.  Now, no cheating.  Try NOT to look at the background, because that would be too easy if you know the area, and it would take the fun out of the game.  I know, it might be hard to not look, because the background is right there, but PLEASE try to just look at the people and their awesome outfits.

When your done looking at the 9 images, scroll down for the answers, and see if you were able to tell if the person in the photo was shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn or Soho, Manhattan.  Have fun!

Now let’s play...WILLIAMSBURG OR SOHO? 

*Cue theme song…*



A)  Man with dog.  Williamsburg or Soho?


B) Woman in green sweater.  Williamsburg or Soho?


C)  Cute couple.  Williamsburg or Soho?


D) Woman in red skirt.  Williamsburg or Soho?


E)  Woman in white dress.  Williamsburg or Soho?


F)  Woman in pink skirt by Zara.  Williamsburg or Soho?


G)  Woman in black dress.  Williamsburg or Soho? (For more info on artist Bethany Robertson and her upcoming art show, go to


H)  Woman on a Mac.  Williamsburg or Soho?


I) Woman in mix textured coat.  Williamsburg or Soho?



A)    Man with dog – SOHO

B)    Woman in green sweater – WILLIAMSBURG

C)    Cute couple – WILLIAMSBURG

D)    Woman in red skirt – SOHO

E)    Woman in white dress – SOHO

F)    Woman in pink skirt – WILLIAMSBURG

G)    Woman in black dress  – SOHO

H)    Woman on a Mac – WILLIAMSBURG

I)      Woman in mix textured coat – WILLIAMSBURG


How’d you do?  If you like this game, let me know, and I’ll try to do more.  Maybe I’ll head out to different neighborhoods. =D



  1. That was fun! I got 8 out of 9 right. The last girl I guessed as Soho. But I should have known that she was Williamsburg….because the Soho girls had more makeup on. lol, I guessed a little to fast on that last girl.

  2. Yes, please do it again. That was fun!

    The Williamsburg people are more hipster looking and the ones in Soho look more made up…not sure if I am explaining myself right. lol, so that is how it was easy for me to spot. Maybe if you can get catch some Williamsburg residents shopping in Soho…that would throw us off! lol

    Hopefully you have very plain background for the next game. Because now that I take a second look at the images….I am not familiar with all of Soho or Williamsburg…but I can easily guess the answers if I look at the background.

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