Add Accessories – Vintage Designer Accessories, Soho, NYC

The first thing you notice when stepping into Add Accessories in Soho, are the PAN AM handbags.  Once you have been lured in by these cool bags, you realize you’ve just walked into vintage designer heaven.

Since 1995, the accessories shop store originally on 461 West Broadway in Soho, has opened up two more locations at 117 West Broadway in Tribeca and 1 North End Avenue in Battery Park City.


The majority of their inventory is pre-owned designer bags and accessories, and coats as well, all sold on consignment.  They do carry a few new items, but you’ll most likely be focused on their collection of pre-owned, vintage Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci…etc…

I had a chance to peruse through the store and found a few lovely items that you might like, thanks to the absolutely friendly and knowledgeable shop associates there.  If you’re in the New York City area, you should schedule in some ‘ME’ time and check out these items.

LouisVuittonPurse_ADD_20130413_TTIf you’re looking for vintage Louis Vuitton handbags, this is the place.

ChanelPurseJacket_ADD_20130413_TTChanel jacket and purse.  Circa 1990s.

ChanelJacketButtons_ADD_20130413_TTClose-up of the buttons on the Chanel jacket.

GucciJacket01_ADD_20130413_TTLeather Gucci jacket.

GucciJacket02_ADD_20130413_TTClose-up of the Gucci logo on shoulders.


The owner likes to collect various antique items, especially typewriters, but there are also other various items you might want to check out.  Anybody need a helmet?


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