Front Row Exhibit Celebrating Chinese American Designers at MOCA, NYC, 26 April 2013

Front Row, part of the Fashion at MOCA series (Museum of Chinese in America) opened today in New York City.  Just 1 block north of Canal Street at 215 Centre Street, the museum’s newest exhibit along with another exhibit (Shanghai Glamour) curated fashion created by Chinese American designers who have made an impact on today’s style.

Front Row showcases pieces by sixteen designers including Jason Wu, Anna Sui, Vivienne Tam.  The collection set up chromatically, instead of chronologically, grouped pieces by similar tones.

The only piece by itself was this gorgeous Vera Wang ballgown:

Front Row Exhibit at MOCA

Along with the actual pieces were sketches:

Front Row Exhibit at MOCAAnna Sui

Front Row Exhibit at MOCAZang Toi

And this Carol Lim Lemon cotton flare coat, may be my favorite piece of all:

Front Row Exhibit at MOCA

The exhibit also had repeating videos of some of the designers discussing their work, background, and New York City’s impact on their work.

Front Row will be on exhibit til September 29, 2013.  Admission is $10, Seniors and Students only $5.  After that, you can check out the Shanghai Glamour exhibit, which displayed some beautiful Chinese dresses knows as qipaos, accessories including shoes, fans, and handbags, and literature.


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