Streetwear Du Jour – Cuff Em! The Rolled Up Pant Leg Look, NYC, 30 April 2013

The rolled up pant leg look is trending yo!  Okay, it’s been around for some time now, but I’ve noticed, it’s not always that easy to pull off…or up!  People roll all they want, but if the look isn’t done with the little details taken into consideration, it’s just a rolled up pant leg.  From shoes, to sock color, and even unusually longer cuff lengths, these details can definitely add a punch to that ensemb you’re donning my dear…

Women haven’t really gotten into this trend yet.  Perhaps its the fear of sporting some bright or patterned sock that’s preventing this from happening.  I definitely think it’ll work with a pair of killer shooties.  I do hope that we gals can rock it though!

So if you need a little inspiration, here are few awesomely dressed lads I found as I traversed the high and low streets of Manhattan.

Enjoy and….roll em!




In case you were wondering, Luke’s knit tie is from J. Crew.  The rest is vintage/secondhand.


RolledCuff05_20130430NYC_TTI love the bright socks, and the patchwork jacket is pretty cool.

RolledCuff06_20130430NYC_TT RolledCuff07_20130430NYC_TTSee some polka dot socks matching the perforations on his brogues.


Until next time!


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