What Are You Doing Wednesday? Go See UK’s The Heavy, NYC, 12 June 2013

Midweek itch usually get you antsy and in need of some music, stat?  Well, there’s a remedy for that.  The Heavy play Webster Hall this Wednesday, 12 June 2013 for $20.  You’ll enjoy them as singer Kelvin Swaby shuffles across the  stage like a confident front man for this UK soul/rock band.

Imagine teasingly glorious gospel sounds exploding into a frenzy of soul and catchy beats.  You may even recognize ‘How You Like Me Now’ from the KIA car commercial.  You’ll enjoy it, so go!

The Heavy at Mercury Lounge, NYC

The dancing and slow-beat pogo-ing should last all night as well.

The Heavy at Mercury Lounge, NYC

Photos: 2008 © Tan.  All Rights Reserved.


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