Young Empires and Black Light Dinner Party at Mercury Lounge, 25 June 2013, NYC

I love it when show nights are early AND when the opener(s) are just as talented and fun as the main band.  It just means there’s another band to put on my radar for future show attendance.  Tuesday was just that night.

Toronto’s Young Empires were super danceable.  I’d definitely recommend them, even if their lighting was way too dark.  I guess it was due to light sensitivity from all the champagne they’d been guzzling.  But the music is definitely perfect for that summer festival crowd.

Opening up for them was New York’s Black Light Dinner Party, but I think they should change their name to Black Eye Dinner Party.  It just sounds more intriguing, but that’s just my opinion.  BLDP were just as fun and the audience did not want their set to end, including myself.  Love the vocals on singer Jack Côté!

Both bands put on great sets with plenty of hooks to get  you swaying and dancing, no pogo-ing music here.

Enjoy the photo gallery!

Photo:  2013 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.



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