What Are You Doing Friday? Go See Firehorse at Mercury Lounge, 27 June 2013, NYC

Need music plans tomorrow night? I’ve got just the show for you…Firehorse at Mercury Lounge.

This will be a rather early evening.  With set time at 8:30, Leah Siegel’s Firehorse will most likely be on at 9pm.  But get there in time to check out this amazing songstress.  If you haven’t heard about her out before, here’s my thoughts from a past performance:

Soulful and impassioned, from the moment Siegel takes breath, is the only way to describe Firehorse’s music.  With contorted features, the emotion and effort into each word sung is intense.  Siegel’s vocal range is astounding, belting out throaty roars one moment, then maneuvering effortlessly into spine-tingling falsettos uttering melancholic lines such as “I’m a fool”.

So go!  You know I won’t recommend something unless I KNOW for a fact it’s good! 🙂

Firehorse at ACME Studio


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