Paprika: Memory Gaps Art Installation, Montreal, Canada

Montreal-based graphic design and strategic marketing firm Paprika is currently exhibiting the graphically intriguing installation, Memory Gaps.  Paprika’s current original creation Trous de mémoire is located on the corner of St. Catherine and Wolfe streets, in the heart of the Montreal Gay Village.  Look up and you should see pink balls looming above.

From straight on, the panels are pretty interesting, yet ordinary.  They look like drawings created by children.  Move a bit to the side and that’s when the special effects of perspective kicks in.  Viewers are also encouraged to write on the installation.  Yes, you can leave your mark on this piece of art.

Here are a few photos from the installation, which goes on until September 2nd.


MemoryGaps07_20130801Montreal_TT.JPG MemoryGaps05_20130801Montreal_TT.JPG MemoryGaps02_20130801Montreal_TT.JPG MemoryGaps03_20130801Montreal_TT.JPG MemoryGaps04_20130801Montreal_TT.JPG MemoryGaps01_20130801Montreal_TT


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