Kid Dynamite’s Final Show and More at House of Vans, 15 August 2013, Brooklyn

Thurday’s Vans House Party at the House of Vans in Brooklyn with Philly’s Kid Dynamite, Joyce Manor, Red Hare, and Swearin’ was an intense night with some hardcore kids going at it like headless chickens.  Moshing was at a premium and crowd surfing was plentiful.  Ferocity ruled the night and there were also a few brave females partaking in the pit activities.

Joyce Manor

At times, groups of three or four would huddle together in the pit and try to swing each other around.  Photographer Maryanne Ventrice described some of these moves as a mix between slam dancing and square dancing.  How about sqam dancing?

It was definitely a night for photographing the crowd as they just went absolutely mental inside the warehouse.  They were awesome, and I love these kids!  Though some may have sustained injuries, including a gash above the eye on one guy, medical assistance was on-call and ready for these incidents.

This was also Kid Dynamite’s final US show.


Here’s a video re-cap and photo gallery from the show.

All photos/videos: 2013 © Tear-n Tan.  All Rights Reserved.



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